How to Get A Longer Torso Easily

A longer torso brings confidence and personality to you. Also, there are multiple positive psychological effects of having a long body. People tend to support and agree more with the ideas of tall people. Additionally, a towering figure gives a sense of authority and leadership. So, naturally, tall people are more successful in workplaces. To help you grow and increase your influence with height, we are here with tried and tested methods to get a longer torso quickly. 

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic workout pumps your heart muscles and increases the flow of oxygen. Our body grows better in the presence of an adequate amount of oxygen. The metabolism rate of our body also gets a boost with aerobics, and thus, we gain height. Include aerobic exercise in your morning routine for the best results. 

Bow Pose

Bow pose stretches the spinal cord and increases the chance of growth of the spinal cord. Our spinal cord is the fundamental root of your torso height. Therefore we need to work on the spine carefully. 

Ball Wheel

The gym balls are perfect to practice stretching with support. You can use this ball to get into the bow pose quickly. 


Blood rushing to the head improves the circulation of oxygen in the body. Therefore headstand is considered one of the most effective exercises. 

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Your workout routine is ineffective without proper diet planning. Drink a lot of fresh juice and include green veggies in your meal. Try to avoid oily food and substitute fast food with healthy snacks.